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Would anyone else be into a shirt that said "Superman Was An Illegal Immigrant?" There seem to be some out there that say, like, "Illegal Alien," but I don't like that as much. I just want to get the word out about those damn pregnant Kryptonian women. They just keep running for the border so that they can drop their super powered kids here to be a drain on the Economy. Enough, I say!
My computer is completely hosed! New one in two weeks. SUCK.

bloodied feet across the hallow'd ground

Well, my computer seems to have a fried GPU, so there's like a 95% chance that any time I try to boot it up it'll just hang out in the world of black-screen-where-is-my-graphics-driver-land and never actually reach any sort of useful state. This, as you can imagine, is frustrating. I've managed to boot up in Safe Mode enough times to start configuring Safe Mode to actually be, like, not awful. For the record, if anyone tells you there is no possible way to get Safe Mode to actually install the sound drivers, that person is LYING TO YOU. You just have to be unafraid of fucking with your registry, which, since my computer is functionally a brick outside of Safe Mode, I'm oddly okay with. Oh and my favorite part of Safe Mode is how it goes to the lowest possible resolution on default, so it's like, giving you the Duplo version of the pixels. Because it's Safe Mode, it's like they're afraid that with higher resolutions you could cut yourself on the sharp edges! Oh noes!

Anyway, so this whole computer = brick thing happened to me when I had four days and 5k left on my 20k story. This was not, as you can imagine, fun times. (This story, by the way, was one of those things where the first 5k was written in like, two months and the following 15k was written in two weeks. This is why I say that 'time management' is my biggest issue during job interviews.)

Diminished computer capacity aside, stuff has happened. My life is getting way boring, but in a good way.

I've been to two weddings this year, one local and one back in Illinois. I've got another one lined up for next year, apparently, even though I totally had no idea my friend had even gotten engaged. Surprise?

My parents & brother came to town and I showed The Boy how my family throws down when we're together. His summation: "You guys do it up right."

My current job continues to be awesome and make my old job look worse and worse. The more I have to defend my motivation for sticking with that program for so long, the more I start sounding like an abused partner. I mean, I really felt at the time like it loved me and it would change. And you can totally say, "I'd never have let them do that to me," as much as you want to, but honestly, you never know until you're in that situation what you'll do. Oh, and overtime pay is slightly addicting. But whatever! I'm in a better place now. My only problem is that since I do web development now, I cannot go to a shitty website without thinking, "I know for a fact I could do a better job than this." I'm not even particularly good at web dev, people! I work with people that think IE 6 is the height of technology! Shouldn't people who don't have to work in incredibly bizarre, restricted environments rock it harder? Can we have a civilization, people? Whatever.

I'm growing my hair out. It's long enough to make a stubby little pony tail now, which I haven't been able to do since, say, 2007. I spend a lot of time saying, "My hair is so long," to various people who really do not care.

I totally sewed a tablecloth last weekend. This only made me slightly homicidal! If I ever volunteer to sew anything ever again that has corners, shoot me. It'll be a mercy killing, I swear.

in the hollows of my eyelids

Re: that fic challenge I signed up for... I got to 20,000 words! I was even, like, 8 over! Now the question is if they're all, you know, the right words. WE SHALL SEE.

10 feet off the ground

You know you've reached a Point In Your Life when you get a half day at work and then are like "OH MY GOD I CAN RUN SO MANY ERRANDS!" Last year I devoted an entire off Friday to my car: insurance, oil change, license and registration. Ugh.

Point being: I've canceled my cable and netflix, renewed my lease on my apartment, picked up prescriptions, gotten a hair cut, and redeemed a free latte coupon all within the last three hours. Weekdays are great! There's no traffic! Everything is open! It's like responsibility Disneyland! Actually, the prescription thing was actually really weird because I totally didn't call anything in but both my monthly scripts were there, waiting for me. Which means that either the machines are taking over, or the pharmacist there is getting proactive in the creepiest way ever! (This is possible: he's already rocking that friendly/creepy line, as he says things like, "I've been expecting you!" when I walk up to the counter.)

That said, next week is going to be a mad, crazy week of psycho because I suck at planning things! My car is about 3k+ over the recommended mileage for an oil change, so in my haste I was like, "yeah, Tuesday at 4 o'clock is a great time, sure!" to the dude on the phone without considering: a) my work is about an hour away from my Nissan dealership without traffic and b) I need to bank time up Monday-Thursday because I'm taking Friday-Monday off. Ooops. Oh, and it's a really, really good thing that I'm put off this stupid oil change because the dudes at this particular dealership put attached my license plate cover with theft-proof bolts - and I need to put on my new registration stickers this month! YEAH, AWESOME RIGHT?


I guess what I'm saying is this: easily, the best part of my month has been having the song Refugee by Tom Petty stuck in my head for like, three straight weeks.

what's so great about a buckeye

After listening to the demons shouting down my better angels, I've signed up for a 20k fic challenge. I haven't written anything in over a year, so, this is obviously going to go well. Last time I did something like this, I mostly hitched my narrative wagon to real life events and rode it out. My challenge now: actually coming up with enough plot elements to span 20k! We shall see, I guess.

Otherwise, life proceeds apace. I'm trying to work out a lot and watch what I eat and actually start restraining my irrational monetary whims. So, basically, I've decided to become boring. Rock.

that boy is a monster

So, like, how come no one told me that the U.S. Government was just giving away, like, 400 dollars to every workin' man this year? I looked at my federal tax refund on my bank statement and was immediately like, "there has been some sort of HORRIBLE MISTAKE! I must speak with the proper authorities!" And I got all pumped about correcting the error and giving back the money like a good, law-abiding citizen when The Boy casually mentioned that it was part of the stimulus plan. I'm happy to have more money now and all but it's not like I really need it? And what with the budget cuts everywhere, I feel like I can do without it, so I'm gonna admit I felt a little guilty. It's like when you don't want someone to pay you back, but they slip the money into your purse when you're not looking and you can't do anything about it. That said, I guess I have no choice now but to blow it all on fabric.

Still liking the new job, in more than just a lucky just to be employed way. Also The Boy is back from the east coast so we can go back to having a normal people relationship. Not that either of us remember what that looks like.

Oh, and I've been embracing a lifestyle of working out and cooking and doing productive things, etc., which means I have absolutely no time to devote to watching SciFi. It's like, the worst thing ever.

the wreckage we call queens

Is it weird that I dislike luxury cars but have entertained the idea of naming my children Bentley and/or Mercedes? (For a boy and a girl, respectively.) To be fair, they're both literary references: "The Caves Of Steel" by Isaac Asimov (if you count Asimov as literature which, I dunno, your mileage may vary) and "The Count Of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas (which, ok, is not a book I have actually read but it's where I first heard the name, so it counts). Though I suspect my children would be confused and possibly have a "was I named after where I was conceived?" issue that would creep them out. I could always just tell them they were adopted, regardless of if they actually were, and just deal with the fallout from that instead!

So my new job is so unlike my previous job that it's like, you know, the episode of Star Trek where Spock has a goatee. Or that one planet in the Superman universe where the wheels are square. There's no development database or servers or version control or test group or QA or anything that makes sense to people who make software. That said, I'm constantly being asked for ideas on what I think will make it better and given kind of a free hand to improve things as needed when I like, want to. I am also (for right now) consistently going to bed at 9 P.M. and waking up at 6 A.M. so I'm already an alternate reality version of myself. Gah.