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aliens, monsters, supercomputers

is anybody going to tell me what's going on?

leah k
23 September
aimee mann, alan rickman, alexander the great, baseball, batman, billie holiday, blur, bob dylan, buffy, built to spill, callum keith rennie, cary grant, chicago, chicago baseball, chicago cubs, chicago white sox, christina aguilera, christopher eccleston, clem snide, clive owen, clothes, common, constantine, costumes, creeper lagoon, cubs, danny elfman, death cab for cutie, diana rigg, dj shadow, doctor who, douglas adams, due south, dye, eminem, fabric, fashion, fic, firefly, fountains of wayne, futurama, ghost world, grandaddy, guided by voices, hard core logo, harry potter, hephaestion, hephaistion, heroes, his dark materials, hitchcock, house, house md, interpol, janis joplin, jayne cobb, jeff buckley, jessica rabbit, jimmy eat world, johnny cash, kings of leon, lipstick, lord of the rings, lost, lucinda williams, master and commander, missy elliot, modest mouse, mos def, movies, mp3s, mr. show, music, neil gaiman, neko case, nightmare before christmas, nina simone, nirvana, nsync, okgo, outkast, paul gross, pavement, pedro the lion, pete yorn, phantom planet, phillip pullman, piet mondrian, pirates of the carribean, pj harvey, radiohead, reading, remus lupin, rhett miller, rufus wainwright, ryan adams, scott mutter, severus snape, sewing, shoes, sirius black, slash, sophie ellis bextor, sports night, stargate, stargate sg-1, taj mahal, talib kweli, the apples in stereo, the avalanches, the dandy warhols, the dead girl, the flaming lips, the hives, the ladybug transistor, the new pornographers, the o.c., the old 97s, the postal service, the roots, the shins, the strokes, the west wing, the white stripes, the yeah yeah yeahs, torchwood, ugly casanova, uncle tupelo, way of the gun, whiskeytown, white sox, wilco, women, writing, yo la tengo